Parent and Athlete Letter

Parents and athletes:

Welcome to the 2014 Tooele Ute Conference football season. For returning athletes and their families we welcome you back for what will be another successful and positive year.   For those of youjust beginning your Tooele Ute Conference experience, we welcome you and your support. Your Tooele Ute Conference Board hopes you will notice a new emphasis on safety and creating a positive environment for all participants, spectators, and volunteers. Your continued support and feedback is appreciated as we constantly strive to give you all an experience you will be proud to be a part of.

One of the first items we would like to address is a very important issue and the first steptowards a successful season. That issue is the evaluation and placement of each individual athlete. The purpose of these evaluations and subsequent placement of athletes is to place each player in a position to succeed, develop, feel a sense of contribution, and most importantly, feel safe and confident against peers of similar ability and development.  Keeping in mind that each athlete is at a different stage of development physically, competitively, and from a standpoint of understanding the game we encourage all parents and guardians to keep an open mind and understand that for every set of eyes that evaluate your player there will be a different opinion. Our coaches have been asked to keep the safety and development of each player in mind when placing them in a position to be successful.

We believe the objectives of our organization are to first give young athletes an opportunity to be a part of a team; second, to learn to love the game of football. Third is to learn the game of football.  And fourth, to have fun and win. The overarching priority of all that we do is to accomplish these objectives while keeping your young athlete safe.  Again, the first step to keeping them safe is to place them on a team of peers at a similar stage of development to the best of our ability.  While there is no way to guarantee the absolute safety of your athlete, we believe that thorough, objective evaluations are an important first step to minimize to the best of our ability one risk factor.  While we understand the need to place some players on a particular team for carpool reasons or other extenuating circumstances, please do your best to accommodate your player. Requests for placement by the parent shall be made to the board at the earliest opportunity and each request will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Overall, the board will stand behind the selection of the coaches, giving what we believe is the districts best option to be competitive in league play.

The next item we would like to address is the addition to our organization of a Player Safety Coach (PSC). This position will be conducting clinics for coaches as well as a separate clinic for parents/guardians and players. Dates for these clinics will be forthcoming. Watch your email and the Tooele Ute Conference website and Facebook page for dates and details. Furthermore, the PSC will be visiting practice fields throughout each week of the season to support the coaches in developing safer, more efficient practices. Your feedback and communication as parents is appreciated. Contact information for the PSC will be posted on all applicable social media and internet web locations.

If you have any concerns you wish to address throughout the season we would request that you first discuss the issue with the respective coaching staff. If you feel further action is required you may contact any member of the board, the board President, or the Player Safety Coach directly.

For your part, we request that you begin preparations for the season today as the season starts now. Encourage your athlete to get outside and be active for at least one hour consecutively each day to acclimate to physical activity in the temperatures that can be expected once practice officially begins.

Hydrate your athlete and learn their hydration requirements as they get outside and begin some preparatory conditioning. Also, have your player wear their helmet for 20-40 minutes each day for 4-5 days each week. Even if your athlete has played before this will help the helmet mold to their head so that they will be less likely to experience headaches once practice begins.

Furthermore, it will give you an opportunity to exchange a helmet if necessary prior to practices starting. These are all important steps you can take to help mitigate some of the inherent risks associated with the beginning of our season.

Again, we thank you for your support and welcome you to what we hope is the best season Tooele Ute Conference Football has ever had.

Tooele Ute Board of Directors